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Our City, Your Voice: Vote Steven Peterson for Mayor
With over three decades as an Alexandrian, Steven Peterson stands as a family man and proven leader, ready to serve as your Democratic mayor!
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Stop the Arena ⛔️ ✅

A Visionary Protector – Peterson's Expertise Said "No!" When It Mattered!

As a former real estate developer, Steven Peterson recognized the flaws in the arena deal instantly—prioritizing Alexandria's interests over insider profits. While his opponents later paraded on stage, endorsing a shortsighted vision, Steven was already in the trenches, defending our city’s future with his informed opposition. He foresaw the burden on our streets, the strain on our services, and ultimately the loss of our community’s character. Vote for the expertise that leads. Vote Steven Peterson!
Your Voice Matters!
Engage, Contribute, and Help Shape the Future of the City of Alexandria

When Steven started contemplating whether to run for mayor, he kept asking the question, "Are the citizen's lives better off today than they were three years ago?"

He then contemplated that "Success can be measured to the degree in which one reaches his or her potential."

So, he kept asking the question, "Is the city considered a success?"

The numerous awards can point to the arguing "Yes!"

But, has the city reached its potential? Steven would argue "No."

Steven knows that there are many great attributes with living in the city of Alexandria.

For the most part, the city is diverse. It has a strong sense of community. It has an array of transportation options, a nice family atmosphere with parks and amenities and tree lined streets. It also has adequate health care options, accessibility to shopping, restaurants and entertainment.

But Steven feels that the city has is its own set of challenges that need to be addressed.

Connect with Steven Peterson
Deeply Rooted in Alexandria's Future

As your neighbor for over 30 years, family man, and experienced business leader, Steven Peterson is committed to bringing his expertise to the mayoral office.

Join him in shaping the future of Alexandria. Let's discuss your ideas, concerns, and hopes for our city. Reach out today!

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Team Up with Steven Peterson
Transforming Alexandria, Together

Engage with your community – Join Steven Peterson’s movement for change! Let’s innovate, unite, and give back to the city we love.

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